Learning management system

What does LMS stands for?

Learning management system, it is a type of software that hosts educational or training content for students or employees or customers. Using a learning management system makes it possible for businesses to transfer your training and development program into an online environment. Business leaders can organize learning programs and reduce the time required to create courses and distribute them to your colleagues or students.

The learning management system can vary from a basic nursery rhyme audio/video CD to any sophisticated software to advance teaching management program or business. A standard learning management system can perform a variety of e-learning tasks such as providing materials to students, discussion through chat or teleconference between learners and instructors, tests, recording scores, report and track the progress of learners.

Usually learning management system may have thousands of modules to plan, implement and assess a specific learning process. These learning modules comprises social wall, gamification, multi-tenancy, machine learning, data analytics, so on and so forth. But a standard learning management system will consist of 5 major modules
What is the need of LMS?

Learning management systems deploys, and measures learning activities across organizations. It is used to deliver online course material to users through elearning programs and helps track learners progress and performance. Let’s read in detail about other uses of learning management system that helps in increasing business efficiency and makes it worth for users to buy this training management system.

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Multimedia learning


Advanced reporting

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Up to date content


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Multimedia learning

LMS such as Paradiso LMS allows educational institutions and businesses to create multimedia learning content which is practical and comprehensive, using images, video, audio and text which serves as an apt tool while learning new courses or skills. Learners can also communicate with their educators as well as classmates via chat platforms and online forums. This helps in creating a collaborative, interactive, attractive and personal learning environment.

Advanced reporting

LMS allows the personalization, creation and download of detailed reports. Outlining the progress of the learners & completion of work allows easy evaluation of their progress either as a group or individually. Educators can stay informed on your learners’ progress with email reports and can schedule reports to arrive subheading at any weekly, monthly interval as per their choice. It also captures every action, every user takes on the platform.

Up to date content
This employee training system allows administrators to instantly update courses, or to add materials and resources for students so that learners remain up to date with the current existing information. Whether it is a micro content or a new engaging video on a new technology everything can be updated on learning management systems and be provided to the ones interested in the genres.
Learning Management System Development

Imparting education and managing training online has come a long way with managing an administration, tracking, reporting, documentation, and delivery of scholastic courses, programs for training or development, and other learning programs. And this concept of e-learning is delivered and managed seamlessly through a web-based or mobile application based Learning Management System (LMS). It helps in identifying the learning and training gaps and uses that for analyzing and reporting of data.

E-learning software can collect information on the learners and provide them personalized course material and courses for training, while at the same time providing great insights on the learners’ progress and performance to their teachers or instructors. They use data analytics to recover and improve more suggestions and adjust as per the students’ or employees’ performance. The goal is to enhance student or employee knowledge and performance by delivering training in a way that is tailored specifically toward them, at the same time allowing the teacher or instructor to keep full control over the course material. As technology evolves and education becomes future-ready, the future of LMS will become more than a helpful administrative tool. The online learning management system of the future, whether it’s delivered as an e-learning website platform or mobile app, will be a hands-on all-access tool for education and training.

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Cloud based Learning Management System

Cloud-based learning management systems are expanding the market of global e-learning with support to newer innovations like VR and AR. Cloud-based standalone LMS meets the demands of a modern e-learning environment, is cost-efficient, easy and quick to deploy, and has enhanced security features. A cloud based LMS solution can automate your complete training program, including the delivery of the courses, completion of courses, registration, and assignments. With easy access and user-focused, an open source LMS software simplifies learning by ensuring learners have quick access to training resources from anywhere, whenever they need it.

Self-Hosted Learning Management System

Self-hosted LMS has many benefits because they are hosted right on your company’s server instead of relying on a third-party cloud-based server. Although all custom learning management systems offer a great level of data security, a self-hosted online training system permits you to apply your own security processes. Your self-hosted LMS can be fully integrated with your company’s current software systems. It also gives the power to select how much data you can store and where you want to store it, instead of following the limitations of remote servers. If you already have an in-house web server, a self-hosted LMS platform will help you take control of the budget of corporate training programs.

What are the benefits of LMS?

Truly reap the benefits of Learning management systems, you should be aware of your organizational needs and take advantage of free trials of LMS, know about pricing concerns and functionality of the LMS is also very important. Listed below are few more benefits of Learning management systems that can help you select the right training management system of your choice

What are the features of LMS?

To achieve a better ROI through LMS, businesses should make sure the features of selected learning management system go in sync with the need of business. Apart from remote working facility and offering smart scheduling tools there are several other features of LMS that needs your attention. Make sure these 10 listed features are available in the LMS you decide to invest for your business.

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Looking for LMS Development?

Looking for the finest solutions to build up a software for e-learning management system? KarnaniSOFT’s LMS system development services is the perfect place for you. LMS system is a free and open-source software learning management system. When technology is evolving at such a high speed, how can education system stay back?

  • Being the best LMS development company, we leverage our sheer expertise to offer you unmatched results.
  • Our state-of-the-art tools and technologies help us to cater to the unique needs of the businesses.
  • Highly intuitive and attractive user interface to offer superior user experience.
  • Expert LMS developers with a vast experience in developing tailor-made LMS development solutions.
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Every company is different and has its own training needs. We can create a custom LMS that can meet your training needs in the most cost-effective way, without having to incur cost of a whole suite of features accompanied with a standard LMS.

Some of the ways you could achieve this using a custom LMS are by using a combination of features such as:

You can have your organization’s structure replicated on the LMS. This will allow you to create user groups and add users like administrators, managers, instructors, learners, etc. to manage responsibility sharing and delegation.

You could choose to use only eLearning, or you could opt for classroom training and webinar features too. Course Management means you could add  packages, add assessments, surveys or even create courses within the system.

A learning management system can generate a lot of data based on users, groups, teams, courses, etc. Why not make use of the reports, benefit from the analytics data to improve the quality training? You could check learner engagement and allocate courses accordingly.

Creating automated course assignment rules, enable features like self-enrollment for the learners and certification management are a few of the things you could do.

A mobile app can allow your learners to take rich training on the go—whether they are connected to the internet or not.

API Integration refers to this seamless connectivity that allows organizations to automate business processes, and enhance the sharing and embedding of data between various applications and systems.

Custom LMS Software Features

Course Building Tools

We build WYSIWYG tools with simple building blocks that allow admins to create interactive courses.


Reports and Analytics

With a custom reports and dashboards , you can view all the necessary analytics in real time.


Training Modules

Creating an e-learning platform, we follow a modular approach that allows for a well-structured content.


Native Integrations

Our LMS will easily integrate with most major HRIS, CRM, payroll, and other business systems to make data syncing


Trusted Security

We build e-learning solutions that support personal data protection and can be installed on local servers.


Mobile Learning

Each web-based solution can be empowered with native mobile applications for iOS and Android.

Why Do You Need Custom E-learning Solution Development?
Your business will benefit from:
  • No limitations to functionality
  • No ongoing licensing fees
  • On-demand updates
  • Scalable architecture
  • Security
  • Integrations
Your learners will love:
  • Learner-first personalization
  • Collaboration tools
  • Real-time tutor and peer feedback
  • Increased engagement
  • Gamification of content
  • Mobile learning solutions
Who We Deliver To

Whether you represent a private business, a large enterprise or an educational institution, our e-learning platform development services will greatly improve the performance of your company.


Education Sector

Our development team applies the latest Education LMS to build custom solutions for online education, enhancing the learning process in schools, colleges, and universities.


Corporate Sector

In the corporate environment, it’s vital to develop a custom learning management system for employee training and onboarding that provides complete flexibility and grows in your own direction.


Consumer Sector

Our development team applies the latest Education tool to build custom solutions for online education, enhancing the learning process in schools, colleges, and universities.


The cost will always depend on your requirements, which in short means that if there is more work that needs to be done for your custom LMS development, then it will cost you more. Prices vary from project to project and you should apply for primary estimation, to learn preliminary the cost estimation. The more precisely and in detail you describe what you need, the more precise the project cost will be named. Also, you can ask for a discovery phase. BA Specialist together with the development team investigates all the requirements - business, user, technical, etc. The cost may change in case you ask for some changes in the project, like adding new features, design remake, and others. The key difference with our service is that we do not hide the costs. You get a transparent price with no costly add-ons or updates being thrown at you at later dates.

You may use LMS to teach people online, through a subscription service, or you may use it to train your staff. It can be used to lower training costs, to help you hire people, or to keep your team productive. With the help of top-quality LMS development, the tailored system will add benefits to your business that improve management efficiency, personalization or simply offer easier access to information.

It is simultaneously a convenience tool, a teaching system, and a multi-purpose scheduling and management program, and so much more. The purpose of your LMS depends entirely on how you use it. Some may use it to train staff as they enter a company, where other people may use it to keep staff updated and motivated. Your LMS should replace functions and processes that are usually laboriously done by humans, which frees up your staff to partake of better and/or more productive processes.

LMS Development

KarnaniSOFT Is A Proficient LMS Development Company Providing Custom E-Learning Solutions To Provide A Good Learning Curve For Educational Organizations. We Have Developed And Implemented The Best LMS Solutions For The Training Centers, Educational Institutes, Colleges, Government Agencies, Etc. We Develop Custom LMS For Your Organization’s Training And Teaching Requirements.

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We Provide multipurpose school management system which aids in automating the school’s daily operations hassle-free and provide insightful reports and 360-degree tracking so that the stakeholders can make better and faster decisions to escalate the productivity of their institution.

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