Hospital Management ERP/CRM

The All-In-One Hospital Management ERP/CRM Solution

Step beyond being a conventional healthcare provider to transform into a modern establishment with groundbreaking hospital ERP software solutions from the Focus Softnet. These systems allow healthcare providers of all types to utilize cloud technology to drive innovation and enhance patient care while reducing operating costs. The quality of the data contributes greatly to improving the operational efficiency and patient care of your company. Our industry-ready healthcare software solutions are cost effective and can be tailored to suit your needs. These information systems record all patient data, handle appointments scheduling, medical records and overall management of information efficiently.
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Consultation Notes, Prescriptions and Billing

Record Consultations

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Improve adherence

Record Consultations
Create and share consultation notes based on the patient’s health condition. Subscribe them to a monitoring plan, define goals and also book a follow-up appointment during clinic consultations.
Create or modify medications and send e-prescriptions, along with consultation notes to your patients on your clinic letter-head.
Consultation notes can also include invoices and bills for clinic consultations and services which patients can pay online. Bills and invoices are emailed with your clinic branding and logo on the letter-head.
Improve adherence

Email consultation notes with prescriptions and appointment reminders to help patients manage their health at home.

What We Offers in Healthcare ERP Software?

KarnaniSOFT Healthcare ERP Software provides you with the following facilities to maintain a well-organized health care environment.

Improve Visibility & Transparency: Enhanced visibility and transparency in the complete management system and record keeping processes of the hospital

Streamline Accurate Reporting:A proper helping hand in streamlining the reporting system with the help of efficient and precise record keeping feature.

Improved Customer Services: Enhanced customer service facility with the help of advance customer care features.

Improved Quality Control: Ensures you with total quality control on the services delivered by hospital.

Improved Management Visibility: All records of the hospital are visible on one click. Manage your patient data, doctors’ records, and medicines. All records can be accessed by any department easily.

Unlimited User Support: It allows unlimited user support 24/7 or any assistance required by the client.

Single Data Base Management System: Let you store entire organization data in the same database which enhances efficiency, reduces cost, simplifies infrastructure and proves helpful in multiple reporting.

Improved Time Management: Easy time management and allows access to the required data or information with one click.

Ease to Access System Facilities: Only let the authorized users get enhanced access to the management system facilities and keep it safe from unauthorized users.

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Centralized Database For Streamlined Operations

Integrate clinical procedures, finance and billing, warehouse and supply chain, and other administrative functions into one program to simplify them and make their management easier.

You can achieve these proficiencies with our all-inclusive hospital software solutions. These systems automate time-consuming and repetitive administrative tasks so you can make more efficient use of your staff’s time. Using the information stored in the centralized data, you can predict challenges and take the right action to avoid disturbances.


Practice Management App

Our Practice Management Software is available on the Desktop web and we also provide Practice Management Apps for the iOS and Android platforms. Custom branded patient apps for the iOs and Android are also available.

Further module division of Healthcare ERP Software

Our Hospital Management System is further divided into modules to deliver improved services.

  • Patient Management System
  • Doctor Management System
  • Drugs Management System
  • Administrative Rights Management System
  • Online Appointment Management System
  • Invoice System
  • Medical Services System
  • Doctor Services Report System
  • Lab Test System
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Features of the Virtual Practice


Custom branded patient portal With a custom domain and attractive themes to personalize your practice

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Notifications Automated patient notifications through SMS, emails and mobile

Personal Health Records Comprehensive patient records accessible from anywhere, when you need it


Health Blog Patient education through helpful health tips and articles on your blog

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Text Consultation Patient health questions with the option to add health reports as attachments


Remote Monitoring Chronic and long-term health monitoring for patients through custom plans


Clinic Consultations Appointment scheduling and management for clinic visits

Billing & Payments Online payments and billing for clinic and online consultations

e-Prescriptions Prescriptions which can be emailed or saved for clinic and online consultations

How Would Our Hospital ERP Systems Benefit You

Our customizable healthcare management software solutions perfectly fit the needs of small, medium-sized and large hospitals and clinics, managing end-to-end workflows flawlessly. By tracking patient registration to planning discharge summary and other procedures, we provide you with the best ERP for hospitals, to assist you in effective decision making, improving patient care and enhancing operational control.

Patient Notifications And Patient Portal

Patient categorization

For easy access, you can categorize patients on your Virtual Practice based on health condition or treatment program. This allows you to communicate with specific groups of your patients.

In-App Notifications

Event notifications are also available in the Notification Panel in the Web and Mobile Applications. Clicking on an in-app notification, would direct the patient to the associated appointment, treatment data, etc.


Your Virtual Practice includes a web patient portal for patients to register and engage with your practice, simplifying patient onboarding and engagement. Make this available at a custom domain of your choice

Easy Customization

Share information about your health practice, staff, services, referral programs; add logos, banner images, pictures, videos and patient testimonials to give visitors all the information they need on your customized portal.

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We transform businesses

We Provide multipurpose school management ERP which aids in automating the school’s daily operations hassle-free and provide insightful reports and 360-degree tracking so that the stakeholders can make better and faster decisions to escalate the productivity of their institution.

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