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HR And Payroll Software For Schools

HR And Payroll Software For Schools

School payroll software manages salary or income of an employee working in an organization or institute. The average ratio between student and teacher at schools is 20:1. Per 20 students there is one teacher in each school. Most schools have a yearly student enrollment ranging from 1000-1500. Thus, the employee count in schools include- strength of 65+ of teachers; other staff like the administrative department, clerks, receptionist, peons and maintenance department.

From the statistics mentioned above, we can deduce that employee strength of 75+ and more is required in every school. School HR management has to manage attendance of employee, employee data, payroll, deductions, leave, various bills, bank statement etc. for each employee every month on MS-Excel. Its quite challenging to maintain so much data on MS-Excel and no need to mention how time consuming it is.

School payroll and leave management system helps institution to organize their employee data properly for easy retrieval.

How Can KarnaniSOFT Help You In Payroll Management?

KarnaniSOFT is the most trusted ERP solution provider that offers a technologically equipped payroll and HR management system. The system is rich with automated functionalities that help the institutes with easy operations of payroll, faculty management, and other aspects.

The system by KarnaniSOFT is highly advanced software with the implementation of BI and other latest technologies to give optimized solutions. It stores a large amount of student data with the scalability of inputs and processing.

Integration With Other ERPs

The software can be integrated with student management system or HR ERP.

Maintains Time-sheet

The system keeps track of in time and out the time of the faculty members.

Leave Management System

Helps to allocate and maintain data about faculty leave details.

Attendance Tracking

The system tracks attendance using data from the biometric sensor.

Recruitment Management

The software helps in managing the faculty recruitment and training them.

Performance Tracking

The software keeps track of the faculty performance from time to time.

HR And Payroll Software For Schools

High Security

The data of the institute is secured with a cloud platform and safe backup.

Easy management

The software automates various tasks of the HRs ensuring smooth management.

Reduces monotonous work

The system carries out the important but repetitive tasks hence reducing employee workload.

FAQ's On HR And Payroll Software

1. What Is HR And Payroll Software?

A HR and Payroll Software is an ERP solution for the website to easily manage the institutes HR operations, and payroll processes. It automates various tasks like time and attendance, allowances, bonuses, performance and reduces workload of the HRs.

2.What Are The Features Of HR And Payroll Software?

You must choose online assessments over traditional assessments due to the following reasons. Online assessments are –

  • Faculty attendance and working hours
  • Information about the employee’s leaves and half days
  • Administrates faculty performances
  • Payroll processing and management
  • Large amount of data storage
  • Hiring management
3. How Are The Basic Modules Required In The HR And Payroll Software?

There are majorly three types of online assessments as follows-

  •  Employee payroll management
  • HR activities like hiring and reporting
  • Faculty’s leave information
  • Applications and data from candidates
  • Carries out monotonous tasks