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Online School Admission System & Fee Collection Management Software

Online admission and fees management software allow school management to manage the admission process with ease by enabling them to perform the entire process online and eliminating the hassle of managing long queues. Integrated with highly secured cloud technology, it enables parents to apply for their ward’s admission at any time and from anywhere with utmost data security. This software helps to generate prospectus & maintains the count of people who came seeking admission & also keeps a count of students who register and the ones who get finalized.

With online admission management ERP, data entry errors are minimized to a great extent since data is filled online by the parents or students themselves. Embedded with the BI-powered analytics dashboard, the online admission system helps the school faculty to keep track of the total registered candidates, their real-time application status helps in scrutinizing the best applications based on the merit of students, and also gives a provision to staff to revert the queries of parents.

The school software helps in maintaining student data efficiently; the administration defines masters like Roll-List, House, Medium, Classes, Cashbook, Fee types, Fee heads, and crucial SIS details. In addition to handling & compiling the data of the newly admitted students, the Online School Admission ERP Software also manages the data of existing students, including storage of their personal details, previous education information if any, birth certificates, and much more.

It also automates ‘Wait List’ & ‘Admission Cancellations’. In case, an admission gets cancelled then, automated acknowledgments such as refund reports & slips can also be generated via the school software and an SMS or email will be sent to parents and next in line for confirming the same.

Benefits Of Online School Admission Software To School Management

The entire admission process gets simplified by the use of school online admission software; it includes the following activities:

  • Prospectus sale online
  • Student registration on campus or online via the website
  • Verification of student details
  • Selection of best applicants
  • Merit list generation
  • Finalization of admissions of each student
  • Document verification
  • Branch counseling
  • Admission confirmation of student for the academic year

Benefits Of Online School ERP To Parents And Students

  • No hassle of standing in queues & documenting everything
  • Fill application forms 24*7 from anywhere
  • Transfer application fees amount directly in the bank account of school
  • Complete transparency in online admission activities
  • Automated e-receipts generation via the school SMS software

KarnaniSOFT Fees Management System

KarnaniSOFT offers a safe and secure online fee collection & payment portal to schools for easing their online fee management journey. KarnaniSOFT allows schools management to receive & manage the student fee online via best payment gateways and at the same time paves a smooth way for parents to pay the school fees online with mere clicks.

School Admission & Fees Module Categorize and Manage the Following Entries:

  • Mediums of Instruction
  • Classes
  • Houses
  • Cash books
  • Fee types
  • Fee heads

Parents can effectively pay fees by the use of the online portal. The same school fees software portal allows schools to collect and manage the fees of students. Parents can simply log in to their portal with personalized credentials and make online payments that directly get deposited in the bank account of the school. Upon successful transaction, an e-receipt will be generated and sent to the payer automatically for confirmation.

In addition to this, we offer another school fees collection software where fees collected at cash counters can be managed on the ERP. Refunds, admissions, and collection of miscellaneous student fees are managed through KarnaniSOFT Online Admission Management and Fees Software.

The user of ERP school management software can view fees paid, parent’s fees dues, etc on a virtual dashboard; thus administration of the entire process stays transparent.

Reports of fees collection that can be viewed and generated are:

    • Daily Collection Register in three formats-detailed, short & summary
    • Monthly Collection Register
    • Dues, paid & outstanding fee receipts for parents
    • Receipts & reports of bus fees can be accessed
    • Complete admission management related reports

FAQ On School Admission Management System

1. What Is The Online School Admission System?

The online school admission system is an education ERP solution that enables schools to manage & simplify all the online admission-related activities and ease the student enrollment journey.

2. What Are The Key Benefits Of The School Admission System?

The following are the key benefits of the school admission system-

  1. Increases Productivity & Efficiency of Work
  2. Seamless Student-Teacher Collaboration
  3. Centralized database with role-based access
  4. Saves NaturalTime & Efforts of Resources
  5. 24*7 Access from Anywhere
  6. Helps to Increase Student Enrollment Ratio
3. How Do Institutes Manage Their School Admission Using An Online Admission System?

The online admission system streamlines the school admission process by enabling students & faculty to perform the following operations hassle-free-

  • Students can apply online by filling the admission form
  • Pay registration fees online
  • Faculty can verify the applications
  • Shortlist deserving candidates
  • Proceed with the final admission
4.How To Implement An Online Admission System For Educational Institutions?

School administrators can follow the given steps for successful implementation of online admission system-

  • Identify the administrative requirements of the institution
  • Speak to a trust-worthy education ERP vendor
  • Ask for a configurable ERP system
  • Take a demo before the final implementation
  • Proceed with the implementation of the online admission ER
5.How Much Does MasterSoft’s Online School Admission Software Cost?

KarnaniSOFT school admission software is highly cost-effective. For complete details, you can fill a simple inquiry form and we will get in touch to guide you.